• Species
  • Bulbophyllum hydrophilum is a species of orchid in the genus Bulbophyllum. (wikipedia.org)
  • Based on these results, strains IMCC34758 T and IMCC34759 T were considered to represent novel species in the genus Flavobacterium , for which the names Flavobacterium hydrophilum (IMCC34758 T =KACC 19591 T =NBRC 113423 T ) and Flavobacterium cheongpyeongense (IMCC34759 T =KACC 19592 T =NBRC 113424 T ) are proposed, respectively. (microbiologyresearch.org)
  • Of these, K. eriophori also has an asexual yeast state, leaving C. hydrophilum as the only species in the entire order that is hyphal throughout its life cycle. (wikipedia.org)