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  • some news on it a little later but there is a NEW Charity from those with MS who have and will have HSCT, it's all getting exciting, I most certainly will be donating, #Fabfudge will be too, this is for the future generations who need the treatment, those that have it now are the ones who set things in stone, I am proud to be one of them. (gofundme.com)
  • I am raising money for HSCT ('bone marrow/stem cell transplant') which has about an 87% chance of halting my MS. I have chosen to undertake treatment in Russia, as HSCT is not available on the NHS - it is only in the experimental stage in the UK, but has been used as a standard treatment in Russia for ten years. (gofundme.com)
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  • This response is mediated largely by cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) but it can be employed by natural killers (NK cells) as separate effectors, particularly in T-cell-depleted HLA-haploidentical HSCT. (wikipedia.org)