• detectors
  • It was in the fifties and sixties that theoretical models were developed for IC for further understanding and it was not until the seventies that continuous detectors were utilized, paving the path for the development from low-pressure to high-performance chromatography. (wikipedia.org)
  • Because of the abundant separating columns, elution systems, and detectors available, chromatography has developed into the main method for ion analysis. (wikipedia.org)
  • rapidly
  • Since 1935, ion exchange chromatography rapidly manifested into one of the most heavily leveraged techniques, with its principles often being applied to majority of fields of chemistry, including distillation, adsorption, and filtration. (wikipedia.org)
  • systems
  • GC analyser systems for mid distillates and heavy distillates analysis: detailed hydrocarbon front end analyzer, simulated distillation analyzers, mid distillates analyzers (HPLC or SFC systems), heavy distillates and crude oil analyzers (HPLC systems). (zhdanov.ru)
  • Modern HPLC systems are generally designed to withstand about 18,000 pounds per square inch (1,200 bar) of backpressure in order to deal with this problem. (wikipedia.org)