• scute
  • Basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors, such as Achaete-scute homolog 3, are essential for the determination of cell fate and the development and differentiation of numerous tissues. (abcam.com)
  • genes
  • The term, homolog, may apply to the relationship between genes separated by the event of speciation (see ortholog) or to the relationship betwen genes separated by the event of genetic duplication (see paralog). (usask.ca)
  • Mouse
  • Synthetic peptide conjugated to KLH derived from within residues 450 - 550 of Mouse Slingshot homolog 1. (abcam.com)
  • complex
  • We determined the crystal structure at 2.9 angstroms of the bacterial leucine transporter (LeuT), a homolog of SERT, NET, and DAT, in complex with leucine and the antidepressant desipramine. (nih.gov)