• undulatum
  • Cirsium undulatum is widely distributed in the wstern half of North America from the dry plains and plateaus of the Pacific Northwest eastward across the Great Plains to Manitoba and the Dakotas and south to Texas, New Mexico, and northwestern Mexico. (vplants.org)
  • Cirsium undulatum is both widespread and variable. (vplants.org)
  • However, most reports of Cirsium undulatum in California are based upon misidentifications of C. canescens . (vplants.org)
  • isotype
  • Biota of North America Program 2014 county distribution map photo of herbarium specimen at Missouri Botanical Garden, collected near Pullman, Washington, isotype of Cirsium brevifolium Piper, Charles Vancouver 1906. (wikipedia.org)
  • Greek
  • Cirsium is Greek for thistle, while ochrocentrum means having and ochre-colored center. (swbiodiversity.org)
  • Cirsium comes from both the Greek words kirsion, meaning a kind of thistle, and cirsos, meaning 'swollen vein', for which thistles were once thought a remedy. (vplants.org)