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  • 2017
  • ARB-1467, a novel type of treatment for hepatitis B, reduced levels of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) when used alone, and it may play a role in combination therapy to cure the infection, researchers reported at the recent 2017 AASLD Liver Meeting in Washington, DC. (
  • HBcrAg, HBV-RNA declines in a phase 2a study evaluating the multi-dose activity of ARB-1467 in HBeAg-positive and negative virally suppressed subjects with hepatitis B . The Liver Meeting, abstract 40, 2017. (
  • Epidemics
  • If passed, not only will people living with or at risk of HIV and STDs suffer, but our efforts to end the HIV and STD epidemics will be impeded," stated Jesse Milan Jr. , p resident and CEO of AIDS United. (
  • While epidemics of injecting drug use, incarceration and blood-borne infections are overlapping - until now, no global systematic review and meta-analysis on HIV or HCV acquisition risk among people who inject drugs had been conducted. (
  • outbreak
  • The following documents provide guidance on how to prepare for, detect, investigate and respond to an hepatitis C or HIV outbreak among people who inject drugs. (
  • The current outbreak of hepatitis E in Diffa, declared by the Nigerien authorities last week, highlights the poor water and sanitation conditions in which the vast majority of displaced people and refugees in the region are living, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said today. (
  • The current outbreak of hepatitis E is closely linked to the deficiencies in water supply, and hygiene and sanitation facilities for the displaced and refugee population in Diffa, some 240,000 people according to official figures. (
  • genotype
  • About 80% were hepatitis B 'e' antigen (HBeAg)-negative, a majority had HBV genotype C and about half had undetectable HBV DNA at baseline. (
  • prevention
  • However a further 10-30% of patients are actually unaware of how they contracted hepatitis C, which can make diagnosis and prevention more difficult (though in reality once the condition has been diagnosed, the cause is not important). (
  • health
  • Unfortunately, due to the silent nature of the disease, lack of disease awareness, and limited health care access, most African community members who have hepatitis B DO NOT KNOW that they are infected. (
  • You should also see a health professional if you are showing any signs of liver damage and they may test you for hepatitis C. To prevent yourself from the condition, make sure to be careful to avoid unprotected sex with strangers, or the use of illicit drugs. (
  • The global elimination of hepatitis C as a public health threat will not be achievable unless we improve access to harm reduction services, de-stigmatise drug use and drug users, and improve the overall health of people who use drugs. (
  • This short course addresses the mental health needs of persons with Hepatitis C. (
  • This bill creates a false narrative that says it will help people with preexisting conditions, but instead it allows states to waive essential health benefits such as vital prescription drugs, mental and behavioral health services and preventive services. (
  • organizations
  • As they did when the House passed its bill on May 4, HIV and hepatitis organizations have been releasing statements condemning the legislation (for a roundup of reactions to the House bill, click here ). (
  • patients
  • Another New Hampshire patient has been diagnosed with the same strain of hepatitis C carried by a medical technologist accused of stealing drugs and contaminating syringes that were used on patients. (
  • Treating thalassemia patients with standard hepatitis C therapy can be difficult because ribavirin can worsen anemia. (