• sesquiterpene
  • Using isoprene (a hemiterpene), menthol (a monoterpene), artemisinin (a sesquiterpene), and paclitaxel [better known under the registered trademark Taxol (Bristol Myers Squibb, New York)] and diterpene resin acids (diterpenes) as examples, we highlight some strategies, techniques, and results of plant terpenoid research with a strict focus on the low-molecular-weight (C 5 -C 20 ) terpenoids of specialized plant metabolism. (schoolbag.info)
  • 12. The method of claim 1, wherein said at least one terpene is selected from the group consisting of a sesquiterpene, a hemiterpene, a monoterpene, a diterpene, a sesterterpene, a triterpene, a sesquarterpene, a tetraterpene and a polyterpene. (patentsencyclopedia.com)
  • Na temelju broja n u općoj formuli (C5H8)n ili broja C atoma terpeni se dijele na hemiterpene (C5), monoterpene (C10), sesquiterpene (C15), diterpene (C20), sesterpeni (C25), triterpeni (C30), tetraterpeni (C40), politerpeni (>C 40). (nsk.hr)