• Drainage
  • My nan 89 just had bore hole surgery and drainage for chronic subdural hematoma, she fell today banged her corner of eyebrow in hospital, outcome? (healthtap.com)
  • We perform a trepanation with drainage of a hypertensive subdural collection with citrine aspect. (hindawi.com)
  • Burr hole drainage has been widely used to treat chronic subdural hematomas (SDH), and most of them are easily treated by simple trephination and drainage. (koreamed.org)
  • However, various complications, such as, hematoma recurrence, infection, seizure, cerebral edema, tension pneumocephalus and failure of the brain to expand due to cerebro-cranial disproportion may develop after chronic SDH drainage. (koreamed.org)
  • severity
  • Degree and rate of recovery varies from patient to patient, depending upon the severity of the subdural hematoma, as well as how quickly it was discovered and treated. (brainandspinalcord.org)
  • Depending on that and on which areas were affected (speech/language/motor) the recovery may depend on this and also the severity of the stroke and the hematoma. (healthtap.com)