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  • Check it out in our media library where we're collecting all of our helpful info sheets and extraordinary case studies - it will also be available in Spanish and Japanese . (hootsuite.com)
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  • But then that shouldn't really come as a surprise, mainly because the movement's teachings, as implemented, are aimed more at manipulating followers than offering them genuine salvation, circumstances that make gullible or challenged aspirants, like Freddie, easy targets for exploitation. (vividlife.me)
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  • Ironically, at that time my younger sister was dealing with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy so she volunteered to come over and "taste test" the new recipes I created, she's always been helpful that way. (dealwithyourdiabetes.com)
  • As time passes, however, the Cause experiences its own share of problems - accusations of embezzlement and mind control, as well as allegations of intimidation and strong-arm retaliation against its detractors (facilitated by goon squads led by blinded followers like Freddie, who willingly volunteer for such tasks, and even initiate such behavior, to stay in favor with the Master). (vividlife.me)