• HIPAA also included tax provisions relating to health insurance. (everycrsreport.com)
  • If an applicable state privacy law is more protective of patient health information than HIPAA, practitioners should follow the state law with regard to that requirement. (aoa.org)
  • CalOHII has statutory authority to ensure state departments are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). (ca.gov)
  • This responsibility includes the periodic reevaluation of all state entities including departments, boards, and commissions of the Executive Branch of state government to determine if they are covered entities, business associates, impacted by data content, or health oversight agencies as defined by HIPAA. (ca.gov)
  • How do its requirements interact with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) continuation coverage? (everycrsreport.com)
  • It permitted a limited number of small businesses and self-employed individuals to contribute to tax-advantaged medical savings accounts (MSAs) established in conjunction with high-deductible health insurance plans. (everycrsreport.com)
  • The Privacy Rule gives individuals rights over their health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive health information. (aoa.org)
  • The Security Rule delineates safeguards to protect health information in electronic form and helps to ensure that electronic protected health information is secure. (aoa.org)
  • In 1998, a provision was passed requiring health plans that cover mastectomy to also offer reconstructive breast surgery. (everycrsreport.com)