• compounds
  • cross-linking agents in the same manner as the low molecular weight compounds mentioned above. (google.es)
  • Although the reaction of the azlactone groups of the polymers with cross-linking agents to form insoluble and infusible polymers is of principal significance, reaction of the polymers with compounds having only one reactive hydrogen atom should be mentioned. (google.es)
  • Reaction with corresponding azo compounds, which on heating build cross-links with cleavage of nitrogen, makes possible the preparation of graft copolymers wherein the number of graft branches per molecule can be predetermined by suitable choice of the number of azlactone groups incorporated therein. (google.es)
  • life
  • An increase in pot life is also observed if a keto group is present in the copolymer rather than in the solvent, or if the solvent contains a carboxylic acid group. (google.es)