• Symptoms
  • The authors make the case that "appearance of green color in the peritoneal dialysate should lead to immediate investigation of the biliary tract in patients with our without abdominal symptoms [as] asymptomatic perforation of the gall bladder has previously been reported. (blogspot.com)
  • Dry aircraft cabin atmospheres and smoking more than usual (even passively), exposure to new allergens, dust and city air pollution will all contribute to respiratory symptoms. (traveldoctor.co.uk)
  • lung
  • Papla B, Urbańczyk K, Gil T, Talar P, Kużdżał J. Exogenous lipoid pneumonia (oil granulomas of the lung). (termedia.pl)
  • During the last eight years we have had the opportunity to observe three cases of oil granulomas of the lung connected with use of exogenous oil as medicaments, orally or by nose. (termedia.pl)