• specific
  • Blocking of PS1/γ-secretase activity by the PS1/γ-secretase inhibitors and N-[N-(3,5-difluorophenacetyl)-L-alanyl]-S-phenylglycine t-butyl ester, another specific γ-secretase inhibitor yielded a 100 kDa P-cadherin band on western blots of OSCC cell line extracts. (sigmaaldrich.com)
  • methods
  • Catalytic glycosylation has been a central reaction in carbohydrate chemistry since its introduction by Fischer 125 years ago, but it is only in the past three to four decades that catalytic methods f. (bioportfolio.com)
  • effect
  • Because enzyme inhibitors do not convert phenylacetic acetate into paracetamol, there is still a significant antipyretic effect, so the antipyretic effect of the post-production line does not translate into paracetamol. (steroidrug.com)
  • These properties together with lung metastasis were inhibited with N -glycosylation inhibitor Swainsonine (SW), whereas, O -glycosylation inhibitor Benzyl-α- N -acetylgalactosamine (BG) had no effect. (springer.com)
  • analysis
  • On page 1060 , Eric Chevet and colleagues report on a proteomic analysis of fractionated ER-membrane microdomains, in which they find that Bcl-2 inhibitor of transcription 1 (BIT1) is enriched. (biologists.org)