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  • physiology
  • - Since the publication of our monograph on seed physiology and biochemistry (The Physiology and Biochemistry of Seeds in Relation to Germination, Sprin ger-Verlag, 1978, 1982), it has been suggested to us that a text covering the same subject area would be appropriate. (
  • moisture content
  • from north China, with a thousand-seed weight of 40.2 g, moisture content of 7 to 9% and 80% germination when tested for 16 days at 20/25 °C, were selected and divided into two equal lots. (
  • stage
  • During germination, the most resistant stage of the life cycle - the seed - changes to the most sensitive stage, namely the seedling. (
  • quality
  • To achieve our aim of providing our gardeners and commercial growers with the highest quality agricultural seed available that also fits our ethical profile, West Coast Seeds tests our seeds regularly for seed germination , vigour and for the presence of weed seeds. (
  • period
  • In some definitions, the appearance of the radicle marks the end of germination and the beginning of establishment , a period that ends when the seedling has exhausted the food reserves stored in the seed. (
  • This long period for seed germination hinders and delays the breeding of this shrub. (