• Density
  • Density gradient ultracentrifugation (DGUC) and gel electrophoresis are conventionally used to obtain lipoprotein profiles of animals. (go.jp)
  • electrophoresis
  • Either technique should not be confused with gel electrophoresis, where an electric field is used to "pull" or "push" molecules through the gel depending on their electrical charges. (wikipedia.org)
  • Technique
  • The research that appeared to spark an onslaught of modified applications was a gel permeation chromatography technique of fixing poly(isopropyl acrylate) (PIPA) strands to glass beads and separating a mixture of dextrans, which was developed by Gewehr et al. (wikipedia.org)
  • phases
  • An aqueous phase containing drug is added to this and the resulting two phases are sonicated at 4-5 °C. The clear gel formed is further sonicated after the addition of a small amount of phosphate buffered saline. (wikipedia.org)