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  • So, the first iteration of this analysis demonstrated that within gastric cancer, or gastric adenocarcinoma, there are 4 different molecular subtypes, and these are pristine, relatively early stage tumors that have not been exposed to chemotherapy or radiation and really are not exactly translatable to the metastatic patients who you see in your clinic. (onclive.com)
  • Certainly, with this new emergence of GE junctional cancers being so prominent, what are we telling our gastroenterologists in terms of helping us classify these different tumors? (onclive.com)
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  • But between the imaging of what radiologists call the tumor that is at the junction versus what the gastroenterologist says that that is-whether the tumor is at a junction, whether it extends proximally or distally-there can be some differences. (onclive.com)
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  • But, certainly, I think nowadays-especially when we plan for multimodality treatment for localized disease with the surgeons, and chemotherapy, and radiotherapy-it is very important for our gastroenterologists to accurately document for us the location of the junction, the location of the tumor relative to the junction. (onclive.com)