• 4: de Wit H, Vicini L, Haig GM, Hunt T, Feltner D. Evaluation of the abuse potential of pagoclone, a partial GABAA agonist. (medkoo.com)
  • partial
  • A proof-of-concept study using [11C]flumazenil PET to demonstrate that pagoclone is a partial agonist. (medkoo.com)
  • group
  • Our results showed that mild forced treadmill exercise and GABA-B could significantly increase distance in open field and decrease anxiety-behavior in treadmill and drug groups than lesion group (P=0.008 and P=0.001 respectively). (aassjournal.com)
  • activity
  • in this study, we examine the role of mild forced treadmill exercise and GABA-B agonist on locomotor activity and anxiety-behavior dysfunction of ibotenic acid injection in striatum. (aassjournal.com)