• In conclusion, the results suggest critical thermal limits of adult fruit flies are moderated by temperature variation at both short and long time scales and may comprise both reversible and irreversible components. (elsevier.com)
  • Passion fruit are really beautiful plants with dark green foliage and unusual, striking flowers that look like little fringy-starbursts. (mercurynews.com)
  • The results show that the increase in the activity of the enzymes is asociated with the ripening of the fruit indicated by the increase in CO2 production and color rise, and generate an increase on sugars and organic acids, some of which could be responsible for the characteristic flavor of passion fruit. (elsevierpure.com)
  • Also the activities of α-amylase, polygalacturonase (PG) and pectinmethylesterase (PME) were determinated, in relation to the presence of different responsible components (like soluble solids, sugar, organic acids and pH) for the flavor of this fruit. (elsevierpure.com)
  • Vine length was measured during the season, and fruit were graded (marketable and cull), counted and weighed at four harvests. (ncsu.edu)
  • Fruit were graded (marketable and cull), counted and weighed at five harvests. (ncsu.edu)