• uhdei
  • Fraxinus uhdei is a fast-growing, medium to large tree (up to 35-40 m tall and 1 m stem diameter) that grows naturally in mixed mountain forests from west-central Mexico to Costa Rica. (cabi.org)
  • olive
  • There may also be cross-reactivity with M . annua (annual mercury), Olea europaea (olive), Fraxinus elatior (ash), Ricinus communis (castor bean), Salsola kali (Russian thistle, tumbleweed), Parietaria judaica (spreading pellitory), and Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort, common wormwood). (mangosmarket.com)
  • Poland
  • The aim of the present study was to characterize Fraxinus pollen seasons in Lublin (central-eastern Poland) and to identify meteorological factors that most determine the occurrence of airborne pollen of this taxon, as well as obtain forecast models for the basic characteristics of the pollen season. (aaem.pl)