• excitation
  • a mirror located between the sample region and the objective for directing light from the excitation means to the sample region, the mirror being small relative to the objective such that a substantial portion of the fluorescence emitted by the sample region towards the objective reaches the objective without impinging on the mirror. (google.com)
  • proteins
  • We propose a method which combines liquid chromatography (LC) in three orthogonal dimensions together with fluorescence polarization (FP) and mass spectrometry (MS) to identify target proteins in complex mixtures. (uio.no)
  • method
  • The streptavidin-triggered SAFP method unlike amplification strategies that utilize nanomaterials (such as graphene oxides, carbon nanotubes, and metal nanoparticles) is not compromised by fluorescence quenching, and it is able to operate within nanomolar concentration regimes. (rsc.org)