• valve
  • In this case, the algorithm must determine the contour of each weevil and calculate the optimal point on the path, which then have to direct the flow of air from the pneumatic valve, if this proves to be defective weevil. (freelancer.com)
  • This triggers the sorting valve to open and therefore changes the flow of the target cell towards the positive sort chamber. (miltenyibiotec.com)
  • particles
  • 14. The method as recited in claim 12 , further comprising separating the quantity of particles into individual particles at a predetermined location downstream of the flow cell body in response to the oscillation frequency. (google.com)
  • frequency
  • 3. The processor must be able to process the flow lines image sensor with a frequency of at least 4500 lines per second and with a certain flow of grains (see attached photos). (freelancer.com)
  • events
  • The person doing FACS for us said that all these cell fragments were also recognized by the FACS machine and about 80-90% detected events during the sorting were just junky pieces, which largely elongated the sorting time and hurt the quality of collected neurons. (protocol-online.org)