• report
  • 1992, 35: 131-132 Lee CW, Phil M. The detection of iron traces on hands by ferrozine sparys: a report on the sensitivity and interference of the method and recommended procedure in forensic science investigation. (wikipedia.org)
  • methods
  • Here, we developed optimized ferrozine methods (modi´ź┐ed from water and sediment protocols) to determine Fe concentrations in three common soil extractions: reduced (Fe(II)) and oxidized Fe (Fe(III)) in 0.5 M HCl (FeHCl), and Fe extracted by citrate-ascorbate (Feca) and citrate-dithionite (Fecd). (criticalzone.org)
  • These microplate-based ferrozine methods can be applied to quantify several reactive soil Fe phases with high precision and throughput, minimal interference, and low cost relative to ICP-OES. (criticalzone.org)
  • Materials and Methods: Ferrous ion chelating was assessed by spectrophotometry by mixing the essential oils with diluted FeSO4 followed by addition of ferrozine. (ac.ir)