• concentrations
  • Second, results of their study demonstrating that increased concentrations of ferroportin inhibited growth of cancer xenografts in mice open new targeted and mechanism-based therapeutic approaches for breast cancer treatment. (biomedcentral.com)
  • investigators
  • More importantly, the investigators showed that a greater magnitude of ferroportin reduction was observed in more aggressive breast cancer subtypes, and that low ferroportin levels were significantly correlated with other well-established prognostic markers for poor breast cancer outcome, such as absence of estrogen receptors, high histological grade, and spread of disease to the lymph nodes. (biomedcentral.com)
  • findings
  • The most recent findings regarding the structural and functional features of ceruloplasmin and ferroportin and their relationship will be described in this review. (unimol.it)
  • effect
  • They provide a mechanistic explanation for the effect of ferroportin Q248H on iron status in individuals of African descent and suggest that these changes in iron metabolism may be beneficial under certain disease-specific circumstances. (haematologica.org)