• Diameter
  • By measuring bicondylar width and vertical diameter of the femur head, it is possible to determine gender with a high discriminative capability. (ac.ir)
  • anyone
  • Crazy - was just wondering if anyone remembered Head Of Femur, specifically "great plains" (the album from which "Where's The Fire" comes). (mp3hugger.com)
  • I guess my question is has anyone ever been told Femur Length was 2%-5% yet their baby came out normal size? (whattoexpect.com)
  • small
  • @EZ/AGmomma It could be his position, they said my daughter had a small head in my later ultrasounds and she came out with a 14" noggin. (whattoexpect.com)
  • Harnessing the epic sound of Spector, the Beach Boys with the indie stylings of modern bands like pavement and bright eyes is no small feat but Head of Femur have achieved just that with "Ringodom of Proctor" a musical breath of fresh air in a wasteland of nothingness. (fredric.co.uk)