• grief
  • This uncontrollable grief may lead to strained marriages, depression and increases the risk of relying on alcohol and drug use for alleviating undesirable emotions. (prweb.com)
  • time
  • Although it is normal to be sad and anxious while watching children mature and start their own lives, negative feelings that last for long periods of time, or are accompanied by substance abuse, may be more than the normal "Empty Nest Syndrome. (prweb.com)
  • It is also of concern if these feelings last over a period of time, or if they interfere with a teen's interest in being with friends or taking part in daily activities at home or school. (ahealthyme.com)
  • Feelings and thoughts like these are painful for a woman - especially during a time that is supposed to be happy. (kidshealth.org)
  • start
  • These feelings can start right after you give birth or up to several months after you have your baby. (adaa.org)