• stable
  • In fact, given the ongoing debate on preference invariance and behavioural consistency across contexts and domains, the topic will hopefully shed light and offer evidence in favour or against the existence of a stable set of features in a decision maker's idiosyncrasy and their relevance for decision making in economic contexts. (frontiersin.org)
  • Given the debate on preference invariance and behavioral consistency across contexts and domains, the papers in this topic shed light on the existence and effect of stable sets of idiosyncratic features on economic decision-making. (frontiersin.org)
  • species
  • Instead, we think that idiosyncratic features of the biology of each species, such as competition for food and their individual reactions to the environment dictate the pattern of evolution in each group. (phys.org)
  • Instead the evolution of species must largely be caused by intrinsic biological features of each group of species. (phys.org)
  • Species turnover, changes in local species composition across time and space, has been identified as a critical feature determining variation in trophic structure across complex landscapes. (olemiss.edu)