• Joel's specialty practice interest is retina and dry macular degeneration management, which he gained extensive experience managing while in training at the Veterans Administration eye clinic. (rafu.com)
  • We feel fortunate to have Kirk in our practice now because we have some traumatic brain injury patients, and many partially sighted patients that suffer from corneal dystrophies, excessive dry eyes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma," said Robert. (rafu.com)
  • She has gained extensive experience in management and treatment of corneal and anterior segment pathology, with amniotic membrane implantation/management, treats and manages eyelid diseases and contact lens-related corneal complications, and has additional interests in retinal imaging and corneal photography. (rafu.com)
  • He got his clinical training at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, Eye Institute of Philadelphia, and the VA Medical Center of Providence, R.I. As these clinical training sites have significant populations of low-vision and neurological injury patients, he gained experience rehabilitating the ocular manifestations of traumatic brain injuries. (rafu.com)
  • Damage to sensitive components of the eye, congenital abnormalities in the shape of the eye, or age-related changes can all contribute to vision loss. (international-optometry.net)
  • Since vision loss can be a gradual process, regular eye exams and vision screenings should be a part of every individual's personal wellness routine. (international-optometry.net)
  • Amblyopia, commonly called lazy eye, refers to the improper development or significant loss of vision in an eye. (international-optometry.net)
  • The answer to why you have blurry vision is best answered by your eye care professional, who can offer diagnosis and prompt treatment so that your vision does not get worse. (international-optometry.net)