• flow
  • 5. An extracorporeal circulation device comprising the blood supply flow rate controlling device according to any one of Claims 1 to 4. (go.jp)
  • Filtered air was passed through the oxygenator at 2 l/min, and circulation commenced with a roller pump (Polystan, Vaerlose, Denmark) at a flow rate of 3 l/min for 2 h at 37 [degree sign]C. The perfusate temperature was set at 37 [degree sign]C. Electrolyte, glucose, and hematocrit levels were kept constant during the experiment. (asahq.org)
  • risk
  • A newly created antibody to the active site of Factor XIIa protects against clotting of extracorporeal bypass circuitry without bleeding risk in vivo, obviating the need for heparin (Larsson et al . (sciencemag.org)
  • These results demonstrate the potential efficacy of immobilized argatroban as a hemocompatible biomaterial for extracorporeal life support devices. (rsc.org)