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  • When a person uses something beside his/her own internal memory tricks, traits, or talents to help him/her remember certain events, facts, or even things to do, the person is using an external memory aid . (wikipedia.org)
  • often
  • By January 1980, as evidenced by two interview studies conducted by John E. Harris, external memory aids were said to be used more often than internal memory aids. (wikipedia.org)
  • The external os is small, almost circular, and often depressed. (britannica.com)
  • The right external jugular vein has a somewhat direct line with the internal jugular veins, making it often easier to assess the pulse contour and the blood pressure in the thoracic vena cava (known as venous pressure). (innerbody.com)
  • This advice was produced by the External Advisory Group-Fission (EAG-FISSION) for the Research Directorate General and represents the Group's views on this matter. (europa.eu)