• human
  • Just a quick pointer to a new paper in American Journal of Human Genetics with my office-mate Bryndis Yngvadottir as lead author, which I see has already received some well-deserved coverage from ScienceDaily and GenomeWeb Daily News. (scienceblogs.com)
  • It has been an interesting decade in human evolutionary genetics. (pnas.org)
  • geographic
  • they therefore offer an excellent opportunity to study the drivers of biodiversity across geographic space and through evolutionary time. (ufl.edu)
  • Current
  • A strong current interest is in the genetics of carotenoid coloration which up to now has been severely neglected. (cam.ac.uk)
  • natural
  • 1) A set of characteristics of an organism which have evolved as a consequence of natural selection in its evolutionary past, and which result in a close match with features of the environment or constrain the organisms to life in a narrow range of environments. (soton.ac.uk)