• dracunculiasis
  • By 2000, the SGWEP was aiming to interrupt transmission of dracunculiasis in all eight northern states where it still occurred, and sought to focus efforts aimed at stopping transmission in the south on three "emphasis states" that were mostly under the control of one side or the other then: Upper Nile, Lakes/Buheirat, and Western Equatoria. (cartercenter.org)
  • intervention
  • In the eight intervention balozi, 119 children from 87 families were enrolled at baseline, and in the eight control balozi, 183 children from 145 families were enrolled. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • If the average number in the intervention balozis exceeded 25% of that in the control balozis, an attack phase, as described above, was reinstituted to keep the fly population low in the intervention group. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • children
  • Therefore, within each balozi, all children aged less than eight served as sentinel markers for the status of trachoma at baseline, 6 months, and one year after baseline. (clinicaltrials.gov)