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  • An open-access article published in May in the Journal of Biomedical Optics explores the use of multimodal autofluorescence and light scattering to evaluate functional changes in the kidneys after ischemic injury. (spie.org)
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  • Now that you have an idea of what it means to evaluate literature objectively, you can go on and get started on that review or essay that's just waiting to be written. (hubpages.com)
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  • The increasing desirability in recent years of a detergent in motor gasoline to keep the carburetor throttle body free of deposits has accentuated the need for techniques to evaluate the clean-up performance of such detergents. (sae.org)
  • Keeping your own personal perspective out of the picture means that you are evaluating objectively so just try to keep your own opinions out, unless you can back them up with solid facts that others would agree upon. (hubpages.com)