• Translational Control
  • 21536732 ). In tissues responsive to insulin, controls fatty acid synthesis and glycolysis by exerting translational control of adipogenic transcription factors such as CEBPB, CEBPD and ATF4 that have G/C rich or uORF in their 5'UTR. (uniprot.org)
  • distinct
  • Transcript variant 3 is 3406 nucleotide long and uses an alternative exon for the 5'UTR and 5' coding region that results in translation initiation from a distinct ATG, and an isoform 3, (237 aa) with a longer and distinct N-terminus compared to isoform 1. (atlasgeneticsoncology.org)
  • outcomes
  • Several international clinical trials have reported that adjuvant radiotherapy or concurrent chemoradiation therapy can improve disease-free survival and overall survival outcomes in patients with pathological risk factors for recurrence ( 3 - 5 ). (spandidos-publications.com)