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  • In addition to mesothelioma, he practices all facets of general thoracic surgery including infectious lung disease and benign esophageal diseases as well as endobronchial, multidisciplinary management of patients with lung, esophageal, thymic, and other thoracic malignancies. (bcm.edu)
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  • Winifred M. Lo, M.D., R. Taylor Ripley, M.D.. "EGFR-Mutational Status in Lung Adenocarcinoma: Staging Implications or Continuous Evolution? (bcm.edu)
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  • To be classified as adenocarcinoma, the cells do not necessarily need to be part of a gland, as long as they have secretory properties. (wikipedia.org)
  • Thus the function of the EGFR tyrosine kinase in activating the anti-apoptotic Ras signal transduction cascade is inhibited, and malignant cells are inhibited. (wikipedia.org)