• spiralis
  • Unlike T. spiralis , no such regulations exist for T. gondii , although the prevalence of this parasite in pigs is higher and health consequences of toxoplasmosis can be, like those of trichinellosis, rather serious. (beds.ac.uk)
  • prevalence
  • High population density of both animal species, persistent prevalence of trichinellosis in wild boars and even increasing positivity of red foxes suggest that the risk of human outbreaks in Slovakia persists. (degruyter.com)
  • intestinal
  • In this context, the glucocorticoids (GC) are the pharmacotherapy for the intestinal inflammatory response in trichinellosis. (parasitol.kr)
  • They were screened by parasitological (S. japonicum, intestinal helminths) and serological methods (schistosomiasis, cysticercosis, trichinellosis). (unibas.ch)