• genome
  • The studies included (I) genome analyses, (II) transcriptional analyses, (III) construction and analyses of knock-out mutants and (IV) expression and characterization of enzymes involved. (uni-kiel.de)
  • energy
  • Miller had combined water (H 2 O), methane (CH 4 ), ammonia (NH 3 ) and hydrogen (H 2 ), which resulted in the enzyme‐free formation of alanine and glycine upon applying energy in the form of high‐voltage electrical discharges (Miller, 1953 ). (embopress.org)
  • known
  • Escherichia coli produces both RpiA and RpiB (also known as AlsB), although RpiA accounts for 99% of total RPI enzymes [ PMID: 12211039 ]. (ebi.ac.uk)