• It will focus on crop pest problems in Ugandan smallholder farming and the health and environmental risks associated with current pesticide practices. (lu.se)
  • Our previous research in the country show that there has been a rapid increase in the use of pesticides in recent years, and thereby also in health and environmental risks related to pesticide use, which is currently very poorly regulated. (lu.se)
  • The overall aim of the project is to conduct cumulative and long-term analysis of how and to what extent myth is used to legitimise and guide American environmental policy and practice, focusing specifically on climate change policies. (lu.se)
  • The title of the second project is, 'Pest management and environmental justice in a changing climate - the case of Uganda,' - lead by researcher Elina Andersson with support from researcher Ellinor Isgren . (lu.se)
  • The European Master in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis aims at providing a high quality education in designing and assessing public policies targeted to the agricultural and food sector as well as the rural environment. (emagister.de)
  • This European Master responds to the increasing need to better understand and anticipate the various and often complex socio-economic and environmental effects of these policies either in a functioning market economy as in the European Union or in economies in a development or transition phase. (emagister.de)
  • Three female researchers at LUCSUS have secured funding from Formas for two research projects, one on myths and environmental policy in America, and one on pest management and environmental justice in Uganda. (lu.se)
  • Swiss referendum data show that proposals obtain more yes-votes if they do not restrict consumption possibilities directly, if they are endorsed by the largest business association, if environmental preferences are strong and economic conditions are favorable at the time of the referendum. (environmental-expert.com)