• Neprilysin
  • Als Metallopeptidase mit einem großen Substratspektrum hat die Neutrale Endopeptidase (Neprilysin, EC, NEP) Einfluss auf so verschiedene Krankheiten oder pathophysiologischen Vorgänge wie Hypertonie, die Alzheimersche Erkrankung oder krankhafte Prostataveränderungen. (hu-berlin.de)
  • As a metallopeptidase with a large substrate spectrum neutral endopeptidase (Neprilysin, EC, NEP) influences diseases or pathophysiological states as different as hypertonia, Alzheimer's disease or pathologic changes of the prostate. (hu-berlin.de)
  • bacterial
  • Endopeptidases from cyanobacteria Anabaena variabilis and Nostoc punctiforme contains two major domains: a bacterial SH3-like domain (SH3b) and a ubiquitous cell-wall-associated NlpC/P60 (or CHAP) cysteine peptidase domain. (ebi.ac.uk)
  • Molecular
  • Lysyl endopeptidase at the US National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Molecular and Cellular Biology portal Lysyl Endopeptidase is the registered trademark of Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd., Osaka, Japan. (wikipedia.org)
  • Site
  • Only short protein residues are able to enter the active site of prolyl endopeptidase due to the distinct beta-propeller region that acts as a gating filter mechanism. (wikipedia.org)