• Cancer
  • A patient with early-stage endometrial cancer may possibly have microscopic metastasis in the omentum, which is associated with a poor prognosis. (springer.com)
  • While the term atypical carcinoid is not well defined for gastrointestinal NETs, the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual2 recommends using this term for appendiceal NETs with a mitotic count of 2 to 10 mitoses per 10 HPFs and/or focal necrosis. (thefreedictionary.com)
  • acute
  • Patients with a history of a renal neoplasm presenting with acute neurological signs or symptoms should undergo which of the following imaging studies? (mdedge.com)
  • diagnostic
  • LEF-1: Diagnostic utility in distinguishing basaloid neoplasms of the salivary gland. (emory.edu)
  • High-grade Endometrial Carcinomas: Morphologic and Immunohistochemical Features, Diagnostic Challenges and Recommendations. (nih.gov)