• nuclear
  • The rate of glass melting, which is greatly influenced by mass and heat transfers, affects the vitrification process and the efficiency of the immobilization of nuclear waste. (osti.gov)
  • patients
  • Zsolt Peter Nagy, Ph.D., Lab Director and Embryologist with Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta, Georgia says that vitrification has also made it possible for patients to have a greater number of options regarding fertility preservation or treatment. (fertilityauthority.com)
  • By refining vitrification techniques, more options with greater success will be available to patients over time. (fertilityauthority.com)
  • long
  • While open vitrification reaches extreme high cooling rates due to direct contact with LN 2 , risks for potential cross-contamination and disease transmission mediated through LN 2 increase when considering long-term cryopreservation. (springer.com)
  • Similar
  • The review concludes that vitrification is promising and can conserve egg competence for fertilisation and development at a level similar to that of freshly collected eggs. (healthcanal.com)