• positively
  • The search for an effect ergogenic (anything that positively influences performance, specifically athletic performance) is an ongoing journey for both supplement companies and individuals. (powdercity.com)
  • elongation
  • We noted the synergetic effect of ECD and IAA on coleoptile elongation, the antagonistic effect of ECD and EBL on coleoptile elongation, as well as the antagonistic action of ECD and GA3 on coleoptile elongation and α-amylase activity. (deepdyve.com)
  • growth
  • The regulation of growth processes was affected by a wide range of ECD concentrations (10-13-10-5 M), whereas some metabolic processes, such as the activation of α-amylase and the retardation of leaf yellowing, by a narrow range, that is, 10-9-10-7 M and 10-9-10-8 M, respectively. (deepdyve.com)