• labour
  • Factors that are mentioned frequently include labour dystocia, operative intervention such as acute caesarean section or vacuum extraction, or the infant being transferred to neonatal care. (biomedcentral.com)
  • diagnosis
  • Women with dystocia treated by augmentation had more cesarean and ventouse deliveries, more often non-clear amniotic fluid, more post-partum hemorrhage and their children were more often given low one-minute neonatal Apgar scores as compared to women delivered without a diagnosis of dystocia. (mau.se)
  • incidence
  • The cumulative incidence of dystocia was 37% and of the diagnoses 61% were given in the second stage of labor. (mau.se)
  • baby
  • Snug shoulders can occur with a large baby, an adequately shaped pelvis, and a somewhat obese mother, which together comprise a soft tissue dystocia. (cesareanrates.com)