• styrene
  • These new EPDM rubbers are unique in that they possess many of the properties of conventional general purpose elastomers such as emulsion copolymers of butadiene and styrene (SBR), natural rubber (NR), cisl,4-polybutadiene and synthetic cis-l,4-polyisoprene, while at the same time being much less susceptible to hot air degradation, ozone degradation and weather checking than the conventional general purpose elastomers. (google.com)
  • Elasticity
  • A small sample weighing a few milligrams is sufficient to measure the essential properties and characteristics of such materials, for instance the vulcanization, glass transition, swelling, the expansion coefficient, decomposition, and elasticity. (azom.com)
  • scrap
  • Any scrap material obtained in the course of forming castings or moldings from a thermoplastic may be simply remelted and reused in the same or different casting or molding operation. (google.com)
  • commonly
  • The most commonly used termononer is ethylidene norborne (ENB) as it can incorporate easier and has greater reactivity with sulphur vulcanisation . (ukessays.com)