• cellular
  • Originally and inaccurately referred to as "the resting stage," the interphase is actually a period in which a considerable degree of activity is taking place on the sub-cellular and molecular level. (reference.com)
  • period
  • 6. The ICSD of claim 1 , wherein the predetermined period has a duration in the range of approximately 10 microseconds to approximately one second. (google.com)
  • Interphase is the period during which the cell's organelles carry out their functions, causing the nucleolus to increase in size. (antiessays.com)
  • intensity
  • RHAMM also activates a number of downstream kinases including enhancing the intensity and sustaining the duration of ERK1 / ERK2 activation through the map kinase (MAPK) pathway, pp60 (c-src), and the downstream targets of rho kinase (ROK). (wikipedia.org)