• foods
  • For example, dumping syndrome may be worse after you eat foods with high carbohydrate, or sugar, content. (cancer.ca)
  • Seems like all foods cause dumping to some degree, mild to really bad. (cancer.org)
  • While less common, notice whether eating foods high in protein (such as a high protein shake that is too concentrated and/or contains more than 60 grams of protein), high in fat, or foods that are too cold or too hot lead to dumping or other uncomfortable symptoms. (amihungry.com)
  • Late dumping syndrome is prompted by the rapid movement of natural fruit sugars and added-sugar foods, which end up causing the pancreas to create more insulin. (doctorshealthpress.com)
  • duodenum
  • With early dumping syndrome, the stomach releases undigested food into the duodenum very quickly. (cancer.ca)
  • In a gastric bypass procedure, a significant part of the stomach and the duodenum (the first part of the intestine) are bypassed, When food (especially sugar) is "dumped" into the second part of the intestine too quickly, the body may flood the intestines with fluid in an attempt to dilute the sugar. (amihungry.com)