• DRB1
  • HLA-DR53 specificity -encoded by HLA-DRB4 - is exclusively found in association with haplotypes encoding the DR4, DR7 and DR9 broad specificities (i.e., all DRB1*04, *07, *09 alleles). (dorak.info)
  • offers
  • Dr7 Physiotherapy 's team also offers strapping, which is the use of various taping techniques to reduce pain and restore function, exercise rehabilitation (specialized exercise programs to treat, manage and prevent injuries) and the use of real time ultrasound machines to help diagnose muscle dysfunction. (healthengine.com.au)
  • line
  • In DR7, we now fit this line to a linear combination of a Gaussian plus a stellar template including the absorption line, giving an unbiased estimate of the wavelength of the line. (sdss.org)