• hemispheres
  • I n 1948, during the course of studies on seizure mechanisms, one of us (J.W.) carried out intracarotid injection of Sodium Amytal and Metra-zol to investigate the mechanism of the spread of epileptic discharge between the cerebral hemispheres in man. (thejns.org)
  • Cerebral Hemispheres: Neuropathology and Clinical Correlation II. (springer.com)
  • Major tract of axons that functionally interconnects right and left cerebral hemispheres. (slideshare.net)
  • Both positive and negative results have been obtained regarding the correlation of CC cross-sectional areas to factors such as sex and handedness, 7 - 15 number of lacunes and the presence of infarcts in the cerebral hemispheres, 16 , 17 and/or brain size. (ajnr.org)
  • patients
  • To study the CNS in chronic muscular pain typical of fibromyalgia we compared PET measures of regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) in eight fibromyalgic patients and controls at rest. (biomedsearch.com)