• transcriptional
  • These effects include transcriptional repression via inhibition of transcription factor binding or the recruitment of methyl-binding proteins and their associated chromatin remodeling factors, X chromosome inactivation, imprinting and the suppression of parasitic DNA sequences. (bu.edu)
  • recognizes
  • UvrA2B complex recognizes DNA damage UvrA hydrolyzes ATP and dissociates from UvrB, leaving a DNA-UvrB complex UvrC complexes with UvrB, inducing a conformational change in UvrB which nicks the DNA 4 nt 3' to the damage UvrC nicks the DNA 7 nt 5' to the damage DNA-binding Distances between 3' and 5' cleavages is 12 bp [ PUB_0461 ]. (wholecellkb.org)
  • system
  • Zou Y, Liu TM, Geacintov NE, Van Houten B. Interaction of the UvrABC nuclease system with a DNA duplex containing a single stereoisomer of dG-(+)- or dG-(-)-anti-BPDE. (wholecellkb.org)