• honey
  • They were completely un-phased by my call to them informing them something is not OK, and had no answers for why if this flavor 'has been gluten-free for so long', why is there incorrect info on their website stating the chips, wavy or not in honey bbq AREN'T gluten-free. (celiac.com)
  • I spotted a newly redesigned bag of UTZ's Honey BBQ chips that are no longer wavy and have the 'this is a gluten-free' statement on the back and was so happy. (celiac.com)
  • I just called the company and they weren't helpful at all and were trying to tell me the honey BBQ flavor has been gluten-free since 2006. (celiac.com)
  • pizza
  • Before going gluten-free, I would always tear the pizza off across the crust and give it to one of my siblings. (celiac.com)
  • I have a [school] club event tonight, and we're having pizza, but I'm gluten free, so I can't eat it, so I was just planning on bringing my own so I won't feel completely left out, or super tempted to eat the pizza. (celiac.com)