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  • A robust safety justification must be based on both deterministic and probabilistic considerations to address the effects of the dynamic nature of mutual interactions between (i) stochastic disturbances (e.g., failures of the equipment), (ii) deterministic response of the plant (i.e., transients), (iii) control logic, and (iv) operator actions. (hindawi.com)
  • These findings are discussed in terms of other known nerve transection effects on quinine responsiveness, and the implications of the microstructural results are considered with respect to probabilistic as opposed to deterministic control of licking behavior. (physiology.org)
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  • Scala-H-Trace uses histograms expressing the probabilistic distribution of arbitrary communication and I/O parameters to capture variations. (osti.gov)
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  • In this paper, we argue that the problem of missing attributes in ABAC can be seen as a non-deterministic attribute retrieval process, and we show that the current evaluation mechanism in PTaCL or XACML can return a complex decision that does not necessarily match with the actual possible outcomes. (riscs.org.uk)